It is never easy saying the truth. It is never easy venting out and confiding in others. It is never easy to just say what is bothering you or what is on your mind.

This picture specifically made me think about how much I lie to myself and how incompletely honest I have been and can be with myself. No smiles there.

Telling the truth tends to bring about fear and doubt. Fear as in you become afraid or worry about what your friend, family member or loved one might say or react to you telling the truth. Fear as in you do not want to be looked at differently [in a bad way] or maybe be beaten up after wards. Thinking about the consequences of telling the truth makes you doubt…no doubt. Doubt whether or not it is even worth doing so. Maybe you will hurt them, maybe you will not.

I believe saying what you want to say and saying what you need to say are completely different. Saying what you want to say may not necessarily result to you saying the complete and entire truth which does not help in any way. For starters you are selling yourself short by not being completely honest with yourself. Lying to someone as well as yourself is not healthy. It can almost corrupt your mind with unlimited thoughts which tends to prevent people from sleeping well at night for example. It is like a black bug. However saying what you need to say always seems and sounds more meaningful and honest.

To me, telling the truth has never been a safe option, but in order to do so I need a lot of guts. At first I used to think that always confiding in others made me appear weak and wimpy. So I would keep things to myself, but I realized that doing the complete opposite  always seems to pay off. Family always understand and respects you more, friends trust you more and your loved ones love you more……unlessss you have done something irredeemable. In other words telling the truth or just saying what is on your mind/bothering you always makes people trust and respect you in return, of which helps you gain trustworthy and loyal people in your life.



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