Hopes: Robert De Niro

De Niro

For some reason the more I see this man the more I like and respect him. I believe this feeling started after I watched him in the godfather. What a star! It would be a great honor to meet him or talk to him. I would not even know what to say even if I were to talk to him. I reckon he is now classed as one of my favorite characters.

He is a bold man, tough and admirable for his chosen roles and achievements. I thought, you never see him on the news for being imprudent, which I guess makes him one of the special ones.

A new wish on my bucket list: Meet Robert De Niro


2 thoughts on “Hopes: Robert De Niro

  1. He’s an awesome actor but a lousy interviewee! Seriously, have you seen an interview with this guy? He’s a brilliant actor but completely uncomfortable in a sit-down situation.
    Weird, right?

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