Happy Ruggers

Playing rugby 2ish years ago

It is already January and our season is almost over. I love playing rugby and when our season is over I result to having to WATCH rugby on our television. Just sitting there while I itch and itch and itch eager to start our next season. A part of me hates watching sports on T.V. because it just motivates me to get up, pick up a ball and play.

I am generally a centre [numero 12] when it comes to playing both 7s and 15s and I absolutely love it. I used to be a winger during the first 3 years of playing rugby, but then our team grew and my coach made me a centre. A part of me is thankful that I do not have to run as much though. Lazy me x}. But I do a lot more bashing and handing off, and that sounds painful but it really is not. Instead of feeling pain I feel powerful. When I play I try to be as motivated as possible and in doing so I think of some of my rugby role models, Ma’a Nonu, Sonny Bill Williams and Dan Carter [all New Zealand All Black players yes] literally as I am on the pitch.

Tackle made

I am a very determined player and in proving so I stay an extra hour before and after training, just practising on my skills like kicking and passing. The more I practise the luckier I become. I have achieved so much from rugby, medals, trophies and good friends that have my back on and off the pitch.

One of my fav. Samoan 7s players. Lolo Lui. At Dubai Rugby 7evens 2010

Manu Samoa: Favorite 7evens team. At Dubai Rugby 7evens 2010 finished 2nd

Manu Samoa at Dubai Rugby 7evens 2011 finsihing 4th

Having passion in what I do makes me dream. Sometimes I really dream about being a professional rugby player. Now that would be the life, travelling around playing matches against other international players.  I do not really have a specific team that I would love to play for just yet, but until then I will just keep training, work hard, play hard and keep my dream alive. RUGBY FTW! 😀

Playing at the Dubai Rugby 7evens 2010

and I [Centre] at Dubai Rugby 7evens 2011″]and I [Centre] at Dubai Rugby 7evens 2011″]

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