Bahrain, a tiny Island surrounded by the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Probably the tiniest country in the Middle East. We took Air Arabia from Sharjah Intl’ Airport to Bahrain International Airport in Manama, its capital. It took us an hour and a half. We took off in the afternoon and as our altitude increased everything beneath looked like automated toys, specifically the cars. The sky got dark within 30 minutes and I loved every bit of it, especially watching the sun set or rise as a matter of fact due to Bahrain being an hour behind. The sky was absolutely beautiful. I am very much in to meteorology and I have studied clouds quite a bit and it felt good flying with them again rather than having to look up at them all the time.

We finally landed. Majority of my time was spent with family friends of whom I grew up with.

Arriving at Bahrain's International Airport

The sun had set once we settled in and so we decided to go out to have a quick dinner. First place I went to was Baskin Robbins. If I had a choice to live on one thing and one thing only it would be Baskin Robbins. Easy!

At Baskin Robbins in Bahrain City Centre

I went on a walk to see the old fishing area of Bahrain which was now a beach. It was humid and the temperature was around 39 degrees Celsius, the highest it had been during the summer, so that did not help either. The fishing area changed in to a beach over a decade ago, however you can still see the remains of the shacks and buildings that were present at the time.

At the bay/beach overlooking the King Fahd Causeway to Saudi Arabia

Swimming on the beach

On my last day in Bahrain I went to the Rugby Club  because well I am a rugby player. I really wanted to watch a Bahraini rugby match but I was a day too late. Other matches during the day were cancelled for their pitches were being renovated. Later in the evening the club ended up being packed with people watching the tri nations match, involving the All Blacks and Springboks. Meeting new people in Bahrain with a keen knowledge and passion for rugby was lovely. So my stay was very satisfying.

I really wanted this shirt. I love having rugby shirts from other teams.

Before I left I got a quick souvenir. I loveeee snow globes and I had been looking for one in Bahrain for weeks. I found this in Bahrain’s Duty Free.

Camel Snow Globe


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