Conjuring Thoughts

Yesterday morning I decided to go on a walk…which is quite abnormal in my case. But this time I took along my camera and took photos of objects that actually made me think  in depth.


The patterns in the sand are obviously tire marks, but they reminded me of  paths. The vehicles have most likely reached their destination, but looking at it at a wider perspective I thought it could symbolize the paths that people follow throughout life. It is only when it is altered or detoured when life becomes a bit difficult. But life is primarily a test. Maybe to see how well people can get back on track and fulfill their path or destiny. Well that is what I thought.


The tracks being overlayed strangely reminded me of friendship.  The vehicle’s tracks obviously started somewhere but then ended up someplace else. In life we meet people who come across our path, either good or bad. But no matter who they are, if they have had any sort of effect on your life it could positively or negatively alter your path by making it shorter, longer, wider, bumpy. Some paths always meet again within a number of years [which are my favorite kind of friendships]. But no matter which path we end up taking it always leads us to our finish. Where god intended for us to be.

Here are some other photos I took on my walk…


Cold Shadows

I think pictures in black and white are a lot more pretty and meaningful


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