ALIENS. Ou es-tu?

Its movies like E.T. that really compelled us humans to acknowledge and learn about them.

The media, another influence that held us onto them as thoughts and now  beliefs.


The real question is not ‘oh what would they look like? ‘, ‘Are they harmful?’ I find it hilarious when people in movies ask if aliens are harmful for some reason. It makes us look weak and fearful and majority of the time it is always a lady that is asking. But the real question is ‘do they even exist?’

I was watching news the other day and this philosopher who turned 70 years old commented on the conspiracies of the existence of aliens. He said, “I don’t know if aliens exist or not, but if they were to come to Earth it would be the same situation as the Spanish going to the New World. And that did not end well.” Hmm never really thought of it like that. I just looked at it as if it would end really well or really bad. Well to be tenaciously honest I do not really want to be around if the situation ends up being that bad.

Scientists and astronauts have never really seen them and yet they are willing to find life that is outside our planet without any firm evidence. That would be like someone going to the Sahara desert hoping for rain. There is always some shout out from someone yelling ‘I SAW A UFO’ and then they end up on the news where then their prediction ends up being pretty much false. We then forget about that random stranger, but still have the thought in our heads, ‘do they really exist?’

I believe that Aliens would think of us of what we think of them, as aliens. They would probably look at us and think we look weird or different. Then they would look at our environment and surroundings and judge us like every other human unknowingly does. ‘Man their planets pretty doomed hehe’ or ‘got a better version of this on our planet.’ Something along those lines, or maybe not. They would either be a lot strategic and intelligent than us or just a bit behind.

However, looking at it from a religious point of view, if god created us, the planets, the universe, life and managed to tell us why and how he created his masterpiece in his holy books [the Quran/bible or any other holy book out there] then I am very sure that if he created aliens he would sought to mention aliens or a different life form living amongst or outside of our territories, but I do not believe he has. So why should I waste half my day thinking about aliens when god has not mentioned a word of them in his holy book? Whereas science always makes situations appear differently, so scientists can go on and spend fundings on ‘alien research’ where aliens might not exist. Shame, because money that is being used on unnecessary research could be used for other necessities in life.

I believe aliens will always remain a ‘?’ If no one has seen one it just makes it harder to believe. If the conspiracy of aliens were ever to be strongly answered, then GREAT! but until then we all might as well enjoy watching them on our television.


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