Chained with ogres

Reaching out to the world

Reaching out to the world


When you realise you have been in the same place for too long…Does it drive you crazy?

Well, I feel like I am taking ‘crazyyyy pillllsss’. I am an explorer…at heart…well a soon to be explorer. A potential explorer. Well potential because I have been grounded. Not grounded as in ‘my parents have grounded me, no internet, no going out’ sort of issue. But grounded as in stuck, almost chained to the ground. Almost like you can not escape. Like quick sand I guess. The more I try to move the more I get stuck.

I would take the initiative to just pack my bags and say “see ya mum, see ya dad. I’ll be back in a few weeks”, but that’s easier said than done. Now with the world being politically and economically intractable [more like stubborn] and embassies being on some sort of ‘code red watch’, it makes it just a little harder to travel. And with my mum being so protective…no chance. Sometimes I randomly feel like Rapunzel, stuck here, not yet allowed to explore the exteriors of this world…except my hairs a tad bit shorter and yea well I could go on. And so I stay here. Oh let me rephrase. And so I am stuck here. Just waiting for ‘a’ day where I will be sat in a plane with my eyes closed, ready to take off and land in a far away place. Where I could meet the weirdest and most diverse people.

I am a Pisces and ever since I was young I have always believed what horoscopes would say about a Pisces descriptive nature. Daydreaming is well associated with Pisces. One day I was so deep in thought that I imagined the Sun setting and rising. Technically the Sun is always there. As you all know every region around the world receives the sun’s light. Now I imagined those rays travelling around the world. Touching every organism, face anything and I thought ‘if only that were me’. If only I could travel anywhere without a care in the world. But then I snapped back in to reality.

I am optimistic, well I try to be at my utmost extent. And I believe that being so is one of the crucial keys to living. Without optimism you might as well be a mean ol’ Grinch.

You have to make the most out of anything because time is crucially precious. Oh it can be so cruel to you in a time of need. I might not even get to travel to places like Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, France or Nepal [Oh my gosh I could go on], but if I make the most out of everyday of being stuck here then I reckon I would not feel as remorseful. It gives me a chance to start new projects and focus on things that are happening now because ‘now’ is what really matters. I could always plan. Plan to travel and do other adventurous events but most importantly REMEMBER. Remember what I have got planned so I do not end up regretting what I have missed out on as time cheats me as I grow older.

Plan, plan, planning. Keeps my life stable. Without one I just wing it and hope for success. Some people are just lucky. They wing it all the time and are so sure and content. Someone I know who I believe is the keenest traveller  said, ‘Never Stop Exploring.’ The numerous amount of stories he has told me have actually made me jealous. Sky diving in Kenya, volunteering in Argentina and Uganda and so on. But if I want to travel then planning and being optimistic is consequential. And he said the same thing himself. Why not take it from a pro traveller.


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